Glitch Servers mostly down

I am planning of buying the Glitch subscription but I am afraid seeing that Glitch server goes down frequently. Right now I have a node server program hosted on Glitch (free) to fetch queries from the client side. But many a times Glitch servers are down and my site goes off. Would this thing be ever resolved?


We are having the same thoughts on our side.

The plan was to get a paid subscription to do our product development on but during the last few weeks we lost a lot of development time due to the service not being available.

We would like to understand if the plan is to have Glitch as an environment that you can use for actual development work productively or just a tool to play around with every now and then.


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  1. You can either email Glitch at
  2. Or you can wait for @glitch_support to reply here.

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Thats the downside you have to deal with when trying to run production on a site made for development

Glitch is vary good for what it is. pushing its limits and dealing with tons of requests to the point where u almost max out every hour is just not good business. If you think about how many little kids use glitch every night. with 100s of projects. For free. Its bound to have some downtime.

$96 for development? Amazing indeed!

Even for free projects it says 4000 requests per hour.

In our case we are trying to use it for development and not production. We are actually doing very low volume of transactions.

The issue is more the human time wasted waiting for the environment to be working again or waiting for the app to “Warm up” after every change you make.

The number of hours wasted is adding up quickly and not sure of the benefit we hope to get from Glitch is enough to justify the downtime.


Sorry, the email address is (in my above post, I had accidentally typed

Make sure to check #service-updates for new updates They are fully aware and are working it
Here is the artice that was in the Latest

Here is a Quote for it that i think is the most inportant to NOTE:
To be clear: Until we get through these changes, you can expect there to be some instability from time to time. We’re sorry for the inconsistent experience, and are working as quickly as we can to fix this in a way that will last. In the meantime, here’s what you can do if you are experiencing instability:
  • Keep an eye on for updates. We’re making sure those updates are more timely and descriptive.
  • Send a message to if you find your projects still aren’t loading once an incident is resolved.
  • Avoid making changes to a project if you start to see reconnecting errors. Changes to your code are only reliably stored when that connection is working
  • For incidents going forward, we may temporarily block pinging services as an alternative to blocking traffic and shutting down projects, as we have done in the past. This will lower the impact on the community as a whole, but anyone still using pinging services will likely receive more notifications that their apps are down.

That last one they said will affect many people who use glitch for Hosting Discord bots

@Boofhead1000, the last statement is temporary. So until Glitch solves the issues, Discord bots on Glitch might not be online as expected.


Exactly what i mean @khalby786