Glitch Should switch to digital ocean instead of using aws


It would allow for better hosting faster infrastructure and lightning fast and good services for everyone for free.


Lol what? Please be kidding…


I don’t think making the transfer now is a good idea, since Glitch is really popular right now, lots of people have created projects. And Glitch just makes a new project for you if you closed the webbrowser in incognito mode and the project was private, because it logs you out. I’ve got so many of them because I logged in without closing them. Transferring the data would take like 1 day. That’s not a good idea.

And why would you transfer? Aws is pretty fast as well, I host my discord bot with glitch and it has a latency of 19ms. Does it need to be any faster?

And you gotta accept the fact that Glitch is free to use, if you don’t like what they offer, you shouldn’t use it. If they want to use aws, then they should do that.

And I also have my doubts about digital ocean being better, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about it. But it doesn’t matter. They both do what they should, so I’m happy.