Glitch Starters have been upgraded to Fastify 4 πŸ†

We’ve just upgraded our Fastify-powered starters to use the latest release of Fastify - read all about it on the blog!

By the way, upgrading your existing apps require some additional changes beyond the version number, so we documented what those are in this help doc.


What is fatly?


Fastify is an open-source Node.js web framework that remains focused on providing excellent developer experience, minimal performance overhead, and a flexible plugin architecture.

Fastify’s development efforts are focused on six main features and principles. First, as its name suggests, Fastify is focused on speed, and can currently serve up to 30,000 requests per second.

Fastify provides extensibility via hooks, plugins, and decorators.

The Fastify project strongly recommends the option of using JSON Schema to validate routes and serialize outputs to improve performance and accuracy.

*I got that from a simple Google search.