Glitch student pack!

As i am already have github student pack, i am looking forward for glitch student pack with special perks just for legal student so that we can do our hobby . Glitch is also used for education purposes. I like that we can use glitch for coding on mobile too on the go.

Are there any particular apps or services you’re interested in being part of something like this?

Better ws connection(no discord ip ban) and more services support like more project space and memory space. Not unlimited tho.!Screenshot_2018-10-20-22-32-39 fix for this.

@Gareth I am waiting for your response.
Also glitch please consider fixing that WS connection issue due to that i am having big problem in hosting my projects. :sob:

Thanks for the feedback, I had thought you were referring to other apps/sevices, since that’s the defining feature of the student pack. We don’t have any plans to increase memory/disk limits at the moment, but I’ll let you know if we do.

I don’t know what the ws connection issue is that you’re referring to. Are you seeing any particular error message? Discord opting to ban Glitch IP addresses is something that’s beyond our immediate control. Though we do hope to work with Discord on a more effective way of handling problematic bots that doesn’t impact other users. Nevertheless, if you think your project is being impacted by a blocked IP address, then let us know and we can check. However, we’ve had no other reports at the moment.

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For me better services is better memory and storage space that’s what github student pack provide , about apps then glitch already support many modules and i use mongodb for database. Also the error is with WS connection is due to glitch ip sharing because of which it can’t connect to discord api , as i was told.

It sounds like the person who told you that is conflating a number of issues and drawing an incorrect conclusion.

There’s no problem with a host sharing IPs - they pretty much all do it unless you pay them hundreds of dollars a month. However, it does mean that if Discord decide to ban an IP address to stop a problematic bot, then other bots using that IP address will be impacted. If you report this issue to us, we will review the project to make sure it’s not the problematic bot and move the project to a different IP address.

You can use Web Sockets and connect to the Discord API on Glitch. If you’re having problems doing either, again, I suggest you let us know about any particular error message you’re seeing and the project name and we can take a look.

Here For further info about WS connection issue

I think so that glitch student pack only can become a thing when glitch have some paid plans , maybe?