Glitch Suggestion (FTP + SFTP)

Hello! I have a suggestion. Feel free to vote for it but Glitch could have a FTP/SFTP system where you can upload files from things like FireZilla and more. It may sound useless to you but for some people it will be useful! Just click the vote button above. c:

Hello? Anyone there?

I am either way on this. This can easily be abused. And if they have a lot of measures, crawlers may be able to access your project.

Imagine trying to manage many projects at once. There has to be like a million projects! Then, they could still be hacked. People could exploit the FTP/SFTP system by creating many projects to increase storage, stress the system, etc. You can still see people exploiting projects to create ping services in this video by @RiversideRocks. Not everyone is good on Glitch.

All in all, I’d it would not be worth it to do this. If you want a tiny file manager for your project, try express-file-manager, although, I don’t know if it is against the ToS though.

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You do have a point, FTP is really old.

If you have windows, you can connect over webdav. What's my webdav login?