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Hello! I have a suggestion for Glitch. I know that you can already search for public projects or view public projects by links. I also know that there are sites where you can share projects. There should be a share project thing so people can learn from it, it can be sorted by Discord, and Discord the subsections can be discord.js and other. It can also be sorted by websites, and the subcategories can be HTML, CSS, and JS. And so on and so on. What do you guys think?

What do you mean by this?

What do you mean by this? Most websites use a combination of all three.

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Although Glitch works best for the three languages that you have mentioned, you can run sooooo maaaany more languages on Glitch, such as C, Go, Python and PHP; so classifying projects based on HTML, CSS and JS alone would be most irrelevant.

Also, moved this to #feedback.


This is making me think how it would be really neat if Glitch had something like GitHub’s language bar.


Would be possible (with CodeMirror) based on the files present in a project.


There is probably an API build into code mirror for that. I might ask on the CodeMirror forum.

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Regular can change topics?


and titles.

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