Glitch Support Forum: Best Practices

Glitch Support Forum: Best Practices

Hi There! Before submitting a help request, it’s useful to follow these practices to make it easiest to figure out what you need help with, and how to help you in the best way!

Asking for support:

:x: Refrain from using sentences like “it wont work” and instead, show your errors so we can diagnose the problems.

:x: Do not request for help on other topics! This will just cause your post to be removed or moved away. It also creates more work for the glitch staff team.

:x: Remove all tokens from your project before giving someone access to edit. If you can, don’t give access to edit, and instead, ask the person to tell you how to fix the issues they see by viewing the code of your project.

:x: Don’t give up on help! If you don’t need help anymore, reply saying you don’t need any more help, and add something to the title like [CLOSED].

:white_check_mark: Be sure to include code snippets of what you think went wrong to make it easier for members of the forum to look for small errors!

:white_check_mark: Look through the FAQ and other forum posts to see if others have the same issues as you do!

:white_check_mark: Use tags and topics to help others find it faster when you are done!

:white_check_mark: If the issue is about your project, include a project name!

:white_check_mark: Be polite! Always keep things nice and easy for others to understand!

Giving Support

:white_check_mark: Format your replies as if others would read them, because it is likely that someone else will have the same problem!

:white_check_mark: Stick with someone! After helping them, be sure to check the thread and reply if they reply to you!

:white_check_mark: Be polite and professional. This helps the people you are helping understand what you are saying more easily.

:x: Never, ever, ever ever ever just tell people how to fix something. Instead, include why that fixes the problem so that others and the person who had the problem knows why the issue happened.

:x: Don’t ask for edit access to a project unless you realyyyyyy need too. Like need to with all of those extra y’s. This is because in most cases, it’s easier, safer and helps the person with the issue by letting them fix it themselves.

This helps the forum community keep things organized so that we can assist everyone more easily and as fast as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this so that we can keep things organized! I hope I helped!

~ Coding

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Hey @Coding,

Certainly, great job!
Having said that, there are a few edits I’d like to make in future, I’ll notify you when I have to.

Thanks and happy Glitching!

Thanks so much! I will definitely edit it as things change!