Glitch support options

Does anyone know how to get in touch with their account manager? I’ve had disgraceful support from the people in the ticketing system. I’m about ready to move all of our services over to Jira, and would have done so if it weren’t for the hassle of setting up the conversion scripts. Perhaps someone at the sales team might decide they don’t want to lose the couple dozen accounts we are paying for. But it’s kind of hard to know this if you can’t even get in touch with the sales department.

Even here, it seems glitch staff seems to go out of their way to avoid being contacted by their customers.

@jenn, can you please help?

I’d have to disagree, Glitch has two main options:

  • The Help Center and the email. (for contacting staff)

  • The community forum you are on now (for asking for help from community members)


Hi there @KishkaBiscuit - Can you confirm that you’re talking about Glitch support and not FogBugz support - I ask because you mention moving your services over to Jira. We are no longer affiliated with FogBugz, so if that is what you’re looking for support, here is their support site where you can contact them directly:

If you are in fact looking for Glitch support, you can contact us by emailing