Glitch terminal crashes tab

everytime i try to open the terminal, it freezes and crashes my tab.

Chrome (android)
ISP= plusnet

Is it a mobile device? Because the terminal most likely freezes to death on a mobile device.

Mobile device


The terminal and your mobile device are enemies :joy:
The terminal doesn’t work well with mobile devices.

I think the source of the issue is when you try to make many terminal connections at once. I like the full page terminal so as soon as the tiny terminal opens I immediatley click the full page termianl button, then I have a moment of both terminals freezing.
To be honest glitch should maybe try using service workers and more async stuff to ensure the browser isn’t blocked on certain tasks

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I have a similar problem on my phone when I try to load code on GitHub when there’s a lot of code. It might be the same problem. Memory leak maybe.

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It did work… Before the outage

They work on mobile.

Not really. My S5 froze once @SplitXPlayZ

Yep, and commands like nano or any other “heavy” commands don’t work on a Moto G5+ either.

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Interesting. On my huawei phone the terminal never froze (or never crashed when i use it) it only has the auto-correct, or ghost typing issue.

Depends on how much RAM the mobile device has.

My device is having 2GB in total memory, and it’s working.

Also depends on the type of project you’re working on, for instance, if you have too many files, obviously the browser cannot handle it.

this is annoying, i need a terminal that works.

I use Samsung Browser, and it didn’t crash.