Glitch timing out?

I have coded a discord bot on Glitch and I have it pinged every five minutes although after about an hour or so Glitch seems to time out or some how disconnect causing the bot to go offline and Glitch seems to ‘reconnect’ when i reopen the project. Im unsure whats causing this timeout as I have it being pinged? it never used to do this, once I had it being pinged it used to stay up permanently until I ran into an error with the code causing it to not access a file. im really not sure what has caused this to start happening? its been happening for the last 3/4 days.

Having the same exact issue aswell. Started happening today, unsure of what is going on via discord bots.

Cloudflare has also been having in and our technical issues all day today, and discord uses cloudflare and google support, so discord has been in and out with our discord bot.