Glitch unexpectedly changing order of code

Hi everyone!
I’m having a little problem using Glitch:
I have the following code:

But this is what loads on the website:

Glitch unexpectedly changes the order of the style. What’s happening?

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Hey. So that could be a “glitch” in the editor, but I haven’t seen an asterisk before :not before. What happens if you remove it?

Hi there - can you share your project? If what’s happening in the editor is not showing on your page, it could be the build process or perhaps a bug. If the project is private, send an email stating it to and we’ll look into it!

Hi, I think the asterisk is a wildcard for selecting all the elements in the DOM, and in this case it would be “all elements in the page that are not pre, #data, code, h1-h6”.

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I tried reloading the glitch editor and everything worked. Thanks :slight_smile: