Glitch Upgrade Request

Hey! So I just upgraded my glitch account, and I really like it. $10 per month seems fair for the boosted ram and disk space. However, I have a few issues. I like the idea of “stay awake”, but I have way more than 5 discord bots. I think it should let you apply stay awake (just stay awake) to any project you have, or give us at least like 15 projects we can enable stay awake on. Additionally, there are competing services I can purchase that can give me more performance for $10 per month. However, I understand that glitch gives you 5 projects, so that makes sense. My one request would be that you can allocate this extra performance to specific boosted projects. You get 7.5GB ram total extra, and 1.5 GB disk space total extra across all your projects. I want to be able to say, allocate 3gb of ram extra to one project for a total of 3.5 GB on that project, and maybe divide the remaining 4gb among the other projects. It would be way more useful in my opinion. Lastly, I think that CPU boosting should be an option on at least one of the projects. If I’m going to move over stuff from my PC to glitch (why I purchased the upgrade), I want decent CPU performance too.

As a summary, my requests are:
Allow Stay Awake on more projects
Allow allocating different amounts of resources to different projects
Boosted CPU Performance on at least one project

I thought the staying awake was for every project

Already glitch done BOOST

I know… I purchased it. I’m suggesting ways to make boost better

No, only 5. I understand the reason of not enabling it automatically for every project, because then you’ll have empty projects running for no reason. However, it should be opt in for as many projects as you want. Just press the button and it stays awake.