Glitch website is broken

I’ve cleared my cache but the website won’t load up.

Looks like it’s only you

I can’t seem to login to my account either.

that doesn’t happen to me either…but it’s been happening to me when i try to access or at least something similar to this.

Oh, you use scratch? I meant, i cannot experience this problem neither on glitch or scratch.

scratch has been doing this to me for months. it could be a ban, but i never did anything wrong. well, glitch seems to be working fine for me…could it be possible that @RiversideRocks is blocked?

Pretty sure it was just a code error, the site works fine for me now.

@Kaito_and_Zahra, can you run curl -I in the command prompt on your computer?

what’s the command prompt? don’t think i’ve heard that term before.

Assuming you use windows.

i don’t use windows.

Use finder on Mac and search “terminal”.

Search terminal on the search bar on Linux.