Glitch website keeps disconnecting and reconnecting

Hi. I’m working on a website on Glitch and I’m trying to make subpages. Every time I try to work on the coding for my subpages, the website disconnects. This is super frustrating because it also doesn’t save my work. Any ideas of what could be happening? Let me know!

I don’t know the answer but I saw your question and have some ideas that might help narrow it down (if nobody can figure it out). Try another browser just for the heck of it. Make a very minimal edit and see if that works. If possible share access with someone you trust (I think you can remove access after the test) and see if they can edit without disconnecting. The other thing to do would be to confirm your settings. Could something be causing the site to update from GitHub or something? Oh… create another project and see if that behaves the same way. Anyway that’s all I’ve got.