Glitch Won't Load

My project’s user-facing pages are stuck on the screen

To keep Glitch fast for everyone, inactive projects go to sleep and wake up on request."

I found a few answers, but they seem like they’re deprecated or they’re beyond my current level of understanding.

By the way, I’m experienced with php, js, html, css, etc. But pretty much a Glitch noob.

This happens to me very frequently, too. Try opening the console, long-pressing the refresh button and selecting “Clear cache and reload”.

“Starting” I think refers to the step where Glitch has already created a container for the project, and it’s running the project’s install or start scripts. (Check me on that though.) If those are failing for some reason, the user-facing pages will be stuck on “Starting.”

If that clear-cach-reload thing suggested above doesn’t work, check your project logs to see if it’s experiencing a problem on the server side.

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