GlitchCMS, the "CMS" made for Glitch


The “CMS” made with/for Glitch!

Why did I make it?
Many CMSes like Wordpress, Drupal, and even Ghost can take up bunch of space and can even be slow (as Glitch does not have much memory)

Where is the Dashboard?
Here. The Editor. I really like Glitch’s editor for writting Markdown and it is very easy to use.

Can I collabrate with other people?
Yes. You can give your co-writer the project invite link so you can write in real time!

What does it look like?

How does it work?

  1. GlitchCMS will scan the posts directory
  2. For every post it finds, it will render the post with markdown-it
  3. All of the posts will be merged into one JSON object and saved to glitchcms-post-loader.js
  4. When you visit the site, you will be navigated to the main page where all of the posts are located! And it only uses JavaScript, no servers, no extra pages, nada.

Docsify, It basically saves all of the docs to window.$Docsify of something like that, so I used window.GlitchCMS, it’s really cool!

Project URL:


Cool! I’m building my own thing.

I decided to add RSS (to be specific Atom) and JSON feeds, which can be found at /feed.xml and /feed.json however since a few RSS parsers don’t support it, I still added the RSS 2.0 feed to /feed-rss.xml

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