Glitch's .env parser messes values

I was using Bcrypt to hash passwords and save them to .env and well, Glitch’s environmental variable parser messes up the values, however, the npm package dotenv seems to parse it just fine.

dotenv is what powers Glitch’s .env parser,
idk but i feel like dotenv’s parser needs some changes to the handling of things

Huh weird, I thought they used this one as they made it but idk honestly. Could it be an outdated version of the dotenv package?

Glitch runs the .env file as a shell script, so the $ signs cause some variable substitution.

Put them in single quotes to prevent that. Dunno if they breaks dotenv though.


Exactly what I was thinking

If it runs the dotenv file you can also run some sort of patch function to fix the values there too probably.

I’d encode to something compatible with dotenv before storing, for example base64.