Glitch's official policy on pinging server to keep it awake?


Around the forums it seems like the standard advice for keeping your bot from going to sleep is to set up a pinging service like Uptime Robot. I’ve noticed that glitch staff suggest this too. So I’m wondering what the official policy is on this? I have nearly a dozen projects now running in glitch and I need them awake at all times, so I use uptimerobot. Is this always going to be okay? If not, will we be able to pay to keep projects awake at some point? If people are allowed to keep unlimited projects awake like this for free, then I really don’t understand the business model - I already feel like I’m getting a bit too much for free here.



You’re right :slight_smile:

Keeping your project running 24/7 won’t always be free. We haven’t decided exactly what the rules will be for free projects when that changes, but we will definitely allow you to pay to keep a project running when it does.