Glitch's RSS feed is invalid

The RSS feed for the blog is invalid. Entering into your browser will show this:

Using node.js will show this:


Can confirm this is an error:

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Thanks for flagging - I’ll take a look!


Also, we just call it the Glitch Blog now :slight_smile:


My bad, I updated the post

Also, the Shift Shift Foward audio files have just disappeared! (e.g.
What happened?


I’ll find out what’s going on there too!


Just fixed the RSS feed!


Any update, did you ever find out what happened? It looks like all the files were just ripped from the Simplecast API. It looks like Simplecast is a paid subscription. If it was the costs and you cancelled your subscription, I recommend free service to host them, if you still have the audio files. You can get a player to embed and it gets put on loads of podcast services like Spotify and Apple. This is no advert, just a recommendation for a free service.


Or why not just upload them to the Glitch CDN and use the default HTML5 mp3 player?

Doesn’t get uploaded to all the podcast services

Ah true enough. It would suffice for only the website however. I also don’t know what Anchor’s policies are on commercial use of the free plan.

They advertise as:

For everyone, everywhere, for free

It also looks like they were brought by Spotify, I’ve never seen their branding there before. Wikipedia says:

In February 2019 Anchor was acquired by Spotify and operates as a subdivision of the streaming company.

I don’t even think there is a paid plan of Anchor and you can use it for whatever. Also, what do you mean ‘commercial use’. It’s a podcast, for a community. If you mean monetization, that’s handled by Anchor anyway for free.

When you sign up for Anchor, you gain access to our complete tools, features, and services. There’s no storage limits, no “premium” version, no long-term contracts, and we won’t ask for your payment info at any time. (Source:

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