Gmail api authentication


I’m trying to follow this tutorial (Python Quickstart  |  Gmail API  |  Google Developers) to access the gmail api from my glitch project. It does send me a URL to log into my gmail account and I am able to get to the page to allow the api access. After clicking the allow button I get the a site cannot be reached error (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED) and it does not create the token.json file.

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED often means the site is blocked on your internet or you are having internet issues. If you are ok with sharing, what country are you from?

I am in California. I thought this might be an issue with my work computer but I tried it on my personal computer and got the same response.

Figured out that you are not able to generate the token files through glitch as the verification website will notice that the original request coming from glitch has a different address than your browser when you go to put in account information. Best just to generate the token file from computer and then import it into glitch.

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