Goodbye private projects

.data is privated anyways just put all code into there.

How, when someone will remix my project it will be not copied?

I maked new thread here 1 free private project

This is good idea

Private projects were the only reason why I stayed on Glitch, now that they are removed, bye

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.-. Omg you people are acting like having to pay for private projects is the end of life


To his point some people do want their code private.

There’s parts of me that wishes that the Glitch staff actually kinda listened to what the forums’ userbase had to say, but at the same time I must remind myself that it’s foolish to have an unrealistic expectation that someone, especially from the corporate space would actually respond and do something based on advice given from members.

And as much as I’m either gonna be punished for saying this, or something even worse: No one here is a prominent committee or force to actually get corporate to listen.

Yet at the same time, Glitch has become very discouraging for a programmer, such as myself to use with all the limitations given as of the span of 2020.

Then again, no one’s obligated to use a service, and there isn’t much people here can do as we don’t make up like, a major part of the userbase that uses this platform.

Apologies if this sounds vague or insulting, and I hope I won’t get banned from the forums because of this non-directed diatribe


You’re not gonna get banned, we love to hear feedback from our users! But it’s also worth noting that people who are active on the forum are a tiny fraction of the overall user base of Glitch, and even less than the whole community of coders whom we’d like to be useful for. That doesn’t mean we don’t value your voice! It just means we have to balance all those different needs, and sometimes that’s tricky to do while also building a sustainable business.

What is it that most excites you about building on Glitch? What kind of stuff do you most like to make? And if you could wave your magic wand, how would the way you use Glitch be part of us being a healthy, sustainable business for a long time to come?

Honestly, those are the questions we ask ourselves in making our decisions, not just for you, but for millions of coders. I don’t think that means we get it right every time, for sure. But we do want to do right by everyone as much as possible.

We really do hear you, and read what you write. But sometimes it may be useful to consider what other requests we may be hearing from other users, and how we’re trying to balance those competing needs.

I hope that helps!


If I could interject, thanks for the post @anildash ! I’d love to give a bit more feedback.

I agree with this, and thats why Glitch needs to post announcements on too, not just the forum. I understand Glitch uses the “update dog” to show some of the updates, but a lot of important updates, like the Node upgrade, are only seen by forum users.

I also just wanted to say that in 2020 it seems like Glitch removed a lot from their services and added very little. I understand that 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but there seem to be less and less reasons to keep using Glitch over other services. While some big issues got fixed (like outdated Node) a few have gone unfixed such as the issues with the IDE working only some of the time and the remote code download bug in lamp-poc.

Its definitely how easy it is to get started and coding. If I want to set up a development environment locally, I have to configure apache/nginx, make sure permissions are set, and more time wasting. But with Glitch, that doesn’t happen, I can just remix and go.

Glitch makes it easy to create small little apps or testing out stuff.

Looking at, probably Glitch’s biggest competitor, I would love if Glitch added more plans and added more languages. Glitch supports HTML/CSS/JS and Node while supports over 30 languages which lets more people enjoy Glitch.

Thank you for listening to feedback!


The ability to make prototype projects (sometimes open, sometimes closed-source) that I could then polish into something that best fits production, without having to constantly waste bandwidth on my part with self-hosting SSH/VMs to run backends.

Mostly host forks of opensource online games, make proof-of-concept web game content, or just see what I can do with JS and the like.

I’m honestly not sure, mostly because my philosophy or morality regarding privating projects is rather… questionable to say the least. Though to be honest, maybe if there was some sort of way we could support this site without being basically held at gunpoint or having basic features hidden behind some convoluted paywall, then maybe the site could’ve been more sustainable as a business. What do I mean by this? Oh, something like merch/donate could actually work kinda well, but I’m no marketing expert.


I love how easy it is to get started, and I like the interface and the design.

I usually use Glitch for small side projects, or as a dev environment for my GitHub pages.

I would have the premium plan, look in to moving off AWS to lower costs, and add for non-premium users, they are a fairly non-intrusive. Something like

I would also bring back more community features. Glitch has been losing things like the front page, which no longer is accesible to logged-in users, the ask for help tool, and other similar things. I would also add comments to profile and project pages.


(New to formatting, sorry about the full reply!)
I personally like Gllitch because it was a good place to test my code before I made it go live, without peeking people. Now, I don’t have any of that, and it makes me feel sad. I migrated to a while ago, because they offer more than glitch.
If private projects were added on a small basis (5 per user), then I would move back in a snap!

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I agree with this statement, I used to use glitch for prototyping OpenRadio before I created production releases and the private projects feature has been important for keeping unreleased code safe. I’ve tried services like gitpod but they have a 50 project hours a month limit which gets in the way of my multi-projects priorities. Glitch’s free tier is a lot less restrictive than others, other than the pinging rule which I totally understand why. It’s one of the few that gives you an editor you can access from anywhere, or a terminal to use for maintenance. Or if you’re on your giant dev environment, you can use the git setup.


you can also verify a phone number. if people didnt abuse the service to make DOS bots they wouldnt have to lock it. and 99.5% uptime is enough for a free hosting plan… imean cmon its free

Issue with that is you can obtain phone numbers for free with textnow or google voice or other services.

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Some phone verification services don’t support/usually block VOiP phones like textnow or Google Voice.