Goodbye private projects

This feedback is totally fair! We do hope to one day be a better place for Discord bots and understand if folks leave the platform - we could only hope you’d come back when we’re at the level needed to help y’all succeed!

I do want to clarify, though, (not to take away at all from your feedback, just so no one is mistaken) that this release is not only taking stuff away - we are adding more sophisticated access controls for apps of paid users - including a new fully private app option.


But you are still removing the ability for free users to private projects…correct? I would consider that a pretty big feature removal as glitch was my 1 stop shop for setting up an app. It has a much better interface then which is why I’ve been sticking with it so long. Now we have to move to alternatives which really don’t have the same feel that glitch had.


Honestly, you keep bringing up the “3 year old drawings” which I find to be unfriendly - especially when you strike through it as if it were simply an aside. If the drawings make it hard for you to use the product, do give us that feedback, but it’s not very kind to keep giving nonconstructive feedback on the work of my colleagues.


Yes, the only users who will be able to make code private or apps private will be paying users.

I think this is really unfortunate, but not enough for me to leave Glitch altogether - i still make a lot of public apps.

Glitch Vs Alternatives

  • | The interface is not as good / friendly to use, no private projects & the urls are long.
  • Vercel | No live deployments as you type to check things out.
  • Heroku | Same issues as vercel.
  • Github pages | Only allows static sites.
  • Ngrok | URL’s are random numbers, they change a lot & you have to have your product running on localhost.

All in all glitch was a really nice one stop shop for building a beta version of an app and now…its honestly just not the same. The removal of pinging was ok for most of us as we weren’t all running production grade apps on Glitch, but the removal of private projects is just removing our main usecase.

The only reason that I would use glitch now is for open sourced stuff which I’ve already got github for & I don’t do that kind of thing on the daily.

Would be really great if we could get a few private projects to work with here as Glitch was an amazing all in 1 solution and just isn’t now.


I think the email was a big vauge. The email said that you was removing new private projects for free users, but not why. Why are you removing private projects?


As the product evolves, so does the pricing. The new access controls, we feel, are worth paying for and part of the access controls are private code.

With all due respect I would consider this a removal of a free feature and making it paid. (Even though its being improved its still becoming a paid feature.)


I didn’t say that wasn’t the case, I totally agree with you here!

I didn’t even get the email! What happened there?

We’re changing project privacy settings at Glitch. Here’s what you need to know:

In the past, you’ve set one or more of your projects to private on Glitch. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing a new setting that lets users add another layer of privacy to their projects. Not only will you be able to set who can view and edit your project’s code, you’ll also be able to determine who can see your live site or app.

This is a departure from our current privacy settings, which have always made URLs publicly available on the Internet.

We’re implementing these new privacy settings as part of our paid tier, but any apps you currently have set to private will continue to keep the code hidden and be only accessible to members you invite. We’re committed to ensuring that the free Glitch experience stays great for users like you.

Please make note of the following:

  • Projects that you currently have set to “Private” will continue to hide the project code from anyone who is not a project member.
  • If you change your project from private to public, you’ll lose the ability to change it back unless you upgrade your account.

If you have questions about the coming changes, just reply to this email.

That’s the email


What exactly do you mean by this? Will there be authentication for projects or will you need to sign in to view?

It sounds like a neat feature.


The email went out to users who we could identify as having had set a project as private in the past. In the future, since clearly some users were left out of that group, we’ll post the email in full on the forum when we send out the email.


The authentication is simply being logged into your Glitch account. Users will not have to do anything to add auth to their project except set it to private and invite folks! I think it’s very neat.


Yes. It does sound very neat! Seems these posts are mostly negative but that feature does sound cool :slight_smile:


Oh that sounds quite neat!

Do you plan to add more tiers?

Maybe I’ll get 1 year of Glitch for Christmas :christmas_tree::santa:


@jenn Any ideas for Christmas discounts or anything like that? Your price has stayed static ever since you introduced Boosted Apps. Maybe you could give discounts to previous users, even just like 10% or something. That would make me more likely to buy it!

We don’t have any plans on pricing changes at the moment, but the team knows it’s been something y’all have asked for. I just wouldn’t expect any updates on that until the new year.