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Hello, I’m going to advertise the project to Google Ads, but I’m constantly getting a message that there is malware, I talked to the technical team, there was a software called road [.] Site, but there is no information do you have information

There is no information on Google, the technical team does not share any information, if anyone has information about this error, can they help me?

I’m a bit confused, what is your issue? Is your site being classified as malware? If you use a .tk/.ga/.ml domain your site is at a high risk of being classified as malware.

No, I do not use extension, but the problem is that the technical support team says there is a malware in the form of sitenzide road [.]site road [.]site I don’t know what the site is

Can you explain what this is? Are you saying google thinks there is malware on your site?

After an incredibly regrettable search, it’s basically p***

road [.]site I ask for the meaning of the site, I have this malware on my site and I ask what it means
Google translate

There is no website at

I know it is not happening The technical team says you should remove it from your site, but there is no such thing.Thanks anyway