Google Places API - Promise time out in Glitch?

Hi Everyone,

Trying a project where I call the Google Places API with a promise. In Cloud Console it looks like a failing call, so it apparently reaches Google. In Glitch the promise is never resolved, it just timeout, hanging. It doesn’t return a catch. From localhost it works fine so it seems to be related to Glitch or Google Cloud limits (non-paid account).

Any clues? This is my project:

Hey @evaristoc, welcome to the Glitch forum!

I’m not sure why that behavior would be different in Glitch vs in your local environment; can you provide enough details so that someone looking at a Remix (or export) can reproduce the problem? Like what urls and parameters cause the error? That will help anyone interested in taking a look to be able to get started.

I also notice that you’ve got the debugger turned on. That could be causing some unexpected behavior, so I’d suggest turning that off (using the Stop sign / Ladybug icon in the Logs pane) as a first step.

Thanks @cori.

Apparently the reason is that I was using the Spark (free tier) of Google Places. I was confused because I could freely use the api successfully from my local environment repeatedly under the Spark tier, but that apparently doesn’t apply when using another url: in that case you can call successfully only once per day.

I temporarily changed the tier to a pay-as-you-go tier (Blaze) and could return all the data as expected.

I will mark this thread as solved. Thanks for your attention.

Loving Glitch so far…

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