Google Sheets to JSON broken?

Hi guys! I have been using Tabletop.js to pull data from Google Sheets on an active website.

I have been using the same code for the last year +, but since about a week ago it has been failing. All the spreadsheets we use haven’t changed and so, I’m assuming tabletop is failing?

Here is the website if that’s helpful:
(The spinner logo is set to disappear when the Google data loads in - and so since the data isn’t coming in it’s just on an infinite loop)

Thanks guys!

Hey, I looked up Tabletop.js and their Github repo’s README says to start using Papa Parse instead. Hopefully you can get your project running again. GitHub - jsoma/tabletop: Tabletop.js gives spreadsheets legs

Here is another solution with code examples and downloads: How to use Google Sheets as a database or CMS for everything - Done