Got kicked off several times while working on a Glitch project

I’m on:
Chrome Version 93.0.4577.82 (Official Build) (x86_64)
Mac OS Big Sur version 11.5.2
lowest end Macbook - Jan 2016 (yes, not the fastest machine)

Last night I was up working on a project, got kicked off, and was made to sign back in while editing code. The screen would refresh and I’d see a Sign In link in the top right corner. Nothing was lost when I came back, but it happened several times, sporadically.

I’ve been consolidating a lot of my work recently, and the project I was in has a lot of files and folders in it, but it’s all vanilla HTML/CSS/JS. I also noticed it would happen while I was editing JS, and it seemed to be quickly trying to detect a bug when I was just not done typing it all out. (I’ve also had other files freeze up on occasion because of the HTML autocomplete.)

The IDE seems to be great at saving work, handling renaming of projects, and doing rewinds overall. But just thought I’d note this here.

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Hi there - if this happens again, clear your browser cache to see if that stops the issue and email with this info and we’ll see what’s going on!


Additionally (if you haven’t already) I will suggest that you add a watch.json file and set the “throttle” to something relatively high. I use 60000 which should represent 1 minute. You can exclude or include files as well so theoretically you could exclude .js files and after having edited them you could touch one of the .html files to have it restart.

Personally (and I hope it is on the horizon) I think there ought to be a checkbox that prevents it from rebuilding if you don’t expressly tell it to and there should be a button to force the rebuild when you want it.


Thanks, that’s a good idea - I hadn’t tried adding watch.json files to any of my vanilla projects, only the React and Node stuff. And agreed on having some simple controls for rebuilding. I recently found a doc on here about how to set up watch.json files and I think I did a decent job but, configuration is no one’s favorite!

While we discussing it… and perhaps others may chime in.

I was thinking I might create maybe a tiny “stub” and I just point the package.json start command at it. I’m going to give that try when I’m working on the project. It just wouldn’t load the real app.

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