Grant access to GitHub


I’m a beginner, I want to export my glitch file to GitHub and follow the instructions by going to edit project => tool => import and export => then it only shows the option ‘Import to GitHub’ and below is ‘Grant access to export’ => I have clicked on ‘Grant access’ and it says ‘Page Not Found. Maybe a typo, or perhaps it’s moved?’

How to make the ‘Export to Github’ option appear in the tool? Hope you help me. Thank you.

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@glitch_support Do you know?

Try signing in and signing out

Nothing helps. I have the same issue and already tried all possible workarounds. Definitely it’s a system bug.

Just check it should be over soon.

Problem described in status seems not related to github integration. I guess these are two separate bugs.

The status talks about issues with the Glitch API and I belive that when you log in, GitHub or Google works with the Glitch API.

same issue here, trying to grant access to github and glitch is moving me to “Page not found”