Graph on Github

Ok, this is kind of a useless question but I spent forever trying to find an answer - sometimes I would look at github and see this cross-shaped graph, with each point being commits, pull requests, contributions, etc, etc… where can I find this? I thought it was on people’s profiles, but its not.

Do you have like a screenshot? Also, I don’t think this is #coding-help as it’s about GitHub.

Ok, now it’s uncategorized.
I don’t have a screenshot, but it looked something like this:

Should just be on the main profile page, however, its doesn’t show up on all profile pages if it is not applicable (ie. the user did not have any prs/issues)

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Oh, I see - I only have commits, PRs and issues rip. What counts as a code review?

I believe its where you click the button to say that you have reviewed a file.