Graphic ping's bot on site

Hello, guys! Help me, please. How I can make graphic watched ping my Discord bot on my site?

Pinging is banned @xyligan. I think you’ve been told that enough now :roll_eyes:


I’m not talking about ping services, but about bot latency. :slight_smile:

And I’m not supported Monitor Bot.I don’t want to do what makes others change, humiliate, insult, and so on. I was hoping Monitor Bot would work, but it didn’t. I wanted to help people, but it turned out that I helped, and in response received negative and threats of a ban.

Hey, no one wishes to threaten you, it is just what the TOS says.


You could use ejs, then I guess you could just measure the ping and render it in the ejs file, or If you want it to be live you could use something like

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The idea is good, BUT, I don’t know how to do it all in the code. How to send to the site and so on.

none of the regulars wish harm on this forum, we just get restless of telling people that ping services are banned. We just want to get the point across


Do you know the basics of express like, app.get etc

Never used express

I would suggest reading its docs and checking out an example express site

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This is a good docs website ^^^