Handsfree Games


Hey everyone! I recently launched handsfree.js.org, a library for building handsfree user interfaces. It’s something I’ve been iterating on 24/7 for the last 7 months, which I started while I was homeless in order to help a friend who had a stroke. It’s been a really crazy ride!

Anyways it’s finally at the point where it can be used to create games and experiences, and I’m going to be handsfree-ifying tons of open sources games/tools/experiences over the next few months.

Here are a few that I and others have made so far:

Tenori-off Beat Maker:



Smile Sweeper:
This one was done by Eddy, using the same library: https://twitter.com/Eddywi




Last one! Using the same library, I forked a game called DunkHuntJS (see Readme) to make Handsfree Duck Hunt! This one takes a bit to load as I’ve refactored the library from 86Mb -> 13Mb, but forgot to enable the library to load via stream (you have to load the whole 13Mb chunk at once)


My next step is to build a simple website to curate accessible Glitch tools, games, and experiences. This is all part of a research paper I’m writing on creating handsfree interfaces on low-powered devices (though, you still need a powerful device).