Has anyone gotten hackathon starter to work?

I was looking for a simple account management UI (like Meteor accounts). The Hackathon-starter featured in “Building Blocks” seemed to have account management (plus a lot more!). However, it doesn’t work. There is an error: “500 Error: secret option required for sessions.”

Perhaps it’s just because of the recent switch to the glitch.com domain and just needs a little bit of reconfiguration? It would be nice to feature a working version in the community gallery.

The project is quite complex, so I’m wondering how much effort is required (vs creating account management from scratch/finding an alternate solution.) It seems the original hackathon-starter was not a glitch-specific project, so it may be better to find an alternate solution (or at least start with the latest version of hackathon-starter.)

Any thoughts on this? Please share alternate account management solutions if you know of any!

Inspired by my own post, a quick search (nodejs account management) reveals this might be the best answer: http://passportjs.org/

This passport tutorial seems pretty good: Build User Authentication with Node.js, Express, Passport, and MongoDB

And there is a Twitter-passport glitch project that works. Passport is not twitter-specific as I had assumed, and other services should be straight-forward to add.

The hackathon starter example is working again. It too uses passport.js, so depending on what it is that you want to do, the passport.js examples you found might be simpler to start with. In any case, the hackathon starter example needs you to set up a MongoDB with a third-party for persistence.