Hashbang links in READMEs are broken, used in tutorials


I’ve tested in Chrome 54, Safari 10, and Firefox 50 so I don’t this is just me, but has anyone else found that hashbang links in READMEs are all broken? Specifically, all the links that if you open them in a New Tab would auto-remix a project for you, if you just click them, nothing happens?

Example: go to https://gomix.com/#!/project/node-beginner and click “A Basic HTTP Server” (not command-click, normal click so that it should open in the current tab). Nothing happens except for the hashbang in the URL changing (in browsers where you can see the whole URL in the address bar).

By comparison, see https://gomix.com/#!/project/node-beginner-fixed-links, where I remixed the above project with a workaround (I changed all the links from https to http, which means the link is to a different origin and therefore the browser loads a fresh page rather than just changing the current fragment identifier). If you click on “A Basic HTTP Server”, it opens that chapter and automatically sets you up in a new remixed copy, just like it’s clearly supposed to.

This seems like a big deal to me, it affects tutorials featured on the Gomix frontpage, such as the Node Beginner tutorial mentioned above, and “Learn JavaScript with Javascripting Workshopper” (which I’d link to if I wasn’t limited to 2 links as a new account).


Thanks Lauginghan, we’re aware of this problem and it’s on our list of things to get to. Our markdown now supports basic HTML, so I’ve updated links in Node Beginner and Javascripting readmes to at least open in a new tab and avoid the ‘click and nothing happens’ problem. A proper solution for the underlying cause will come later.