Have bot DM you when you react to a specific message

hey, i am new to coding and was looking to create a discord bot that would DM you a a message when you react to a message, i was looking at other threads and they where out-dating or wouldnt help. can someone help me?

let msgId = [];

client.on("message", (message) => {
    if(message.content === "!command") {
            new discord.MessageEmbed()
                .setDescription("react me with 😆")
        ).then(message => {

client.on('messageReactionAdd', (reaction, user) => {
    if(user.id !== bot.user.id) {
        if(reaction.message.id === msgId[0]) {
            user.send("you reacted to my message!");

source : javascript - Trying to do discord.js on react emoji get dm - Stack Overflow

Basically, someone says !command and bot will send an embed and if someone reacts with :laughing: it would send a dm to user.


Hey, thanks for the response. I dont know if it works yet because i dont know how to input my message.
I want a message like this:

This is an example

in between hello and this, i switched lines, when i switch lines it pops a ton of errors. is there some sort of symbol i have to show to switch for me?