Having an issue with disk

Hello guys, I’m having a problem with my project on Glitch.

There’s a message saying: You may have problems saving changes when your disk is full. Try removing unneeded files, and running git prune; git gc from the console

I saw some topics talking about how to solve and that I have to run some commands at the console, but I need more space to do that.

The project name is “enormous-battle-albatross”

How to solve that?

If the commands aren’t working because the disk is too full, email support@glitch.com and they can increase your disk space limit temporarily

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Okay dude, thanks. I will try

Type rm -rf .git to console.

Doing this would delete the git repository hosted within the project which, among other things, is what powers Glitch’s rewind feature. This would free up some space but it’s a bit of a nuclear option, I would caution against using it.

I’ve used it several times, I didn’t face any problem at all.