Having issues with my discord bot

There was issue parsing events.json!
There was issue parsing settings.json!
There was issue parsing players.json!
There was issue parsing servers.json!
There was issue parsing serverVars.json!
There was issue parsing globalVars.json!
There was issue parsing commands.json
Sorry, the debugger is only available on Google Chrome
and i’m getting Hmm… We’re having trouble connecting. Try refreshing? and bot discord is not online

Could be related to the Glitch outage that happened a few minutes ago.

If you run ls in your project’s console are the files listed.

Also, could you please send your project name so we can take a look and try to diagnose the problem!

the parsing issue has been happening for a while now

Ah, ok. Could you send your project name?

Related to the parsing issue, the file couldn’t be found on the disk (looking in the wrong directory possibly). Otherwise, the JSON could be invalid or corrupted.

mr-cupcake is the bot name

Your JSON files look like this…

It could be because your thinks the file is JSON. Otherwise, DBM (Discord Bot Maker) is not designed for troubleshooting. (Also, creating your own bot from scratch is a good learning experience!)

@devpixel12 Please send me an invite to the project so I could get a closer look please!

The project isn’t private.

so i should just make my own bot?

There is a chance you could troubleshoot it. But in the progress you will maybe loose all of the bot’s user data, etc. At the moment, the bot won’t do anything as all of the data is corrupted and therefore useless.

EDIT: I haven’t used DBM before and I’m not familiar with it.

You use discord bot maker I assume, which if you do, then you most likely did pay for it, because it is not free.

Could you please allow me edit permission in the project.

can’t you just tell me what part to fix as i don’t really want to

I cannot answer that as I cannot see what could be causing this.

The code is literately public. Just go to https://glitch.com/edit/#!/mr-cupcake

Due to the nature of DBM (mainly not to be edited) you may not be able to fix your bot at all.

One thing you could try is re-uploading the JSON files form what device was used to create the bot.

okay i will try that

You can also try using the rewind feature and see if the files were ok at any earlier point, and copy them over from the previous rewind point.

Aha! I’ve found the issue.

It appears that DBM encrypts the files. However, since you must of started the bot on your device then uploaded it to Glitch, the config files were allready encrypted.

Decrypting an encrypted file can only be done on the machine is was encrypted on.

Basically, if you can get DBM to generate you brand new code then do that then immediately upload it to Glitch and DONT RUN IT ON YOUR MACHINE. Then, it should work.

what do you mean by new a code?

If the solution @xXProGamerXx does work, then I suggest making your project private as anyone will be able to see your code and even your bots token! Which would not be good.