Having issues with my discord bot

do you mean a new bot token?

You will not need to generate your bot token as it is not in the project currently, but when you do add the files to the project in a working state, just click the project name in the top left corner and click the make private button!

No, no no. Can you get DBM to generate/build/make you some new code then upload it to Glitch without running it on your machine/device.

i don’t know about the not running it on your machine/device as i’m useing an uptimerobot to keep the bot alive

He means on your local pc, where you made the bot initially!


What I mean is when you got the code you ran it on your PC which caused the encryption issue.

so you mean to save the code i get from my computer and run it on another computer

I asked you to go to the files on your pc that are having the problem in the editor, and copy the contents, and that has worked, it should be fine now!