Having problem with ssl

project: pr0-source
domain: pr0.link

i cant access it with the https port, http works fine, please fix.


I went to your project and it works for me. I went to the wrong domain

It seems the issue here is that your domain doesn’t have an SSL certificate. What you need is to serve your domain with an SSL certificate from an SSL provider. If you want a free certificate I recommend you look into Let’s Encrypt.

Cloudflare offers up to 5 free SSL certificate (per domain). Cloudflare can also proxy the connection to force HTTPS. I recommend you change your domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare’s to take use of both it’s caching functionality and it’s force https functionality.

Sadly Fly.io (the service that allows custom domains for Glitch) doesn’t automatically create an SSL certificate for our domain like other services. Therefore we must do this ourselves.

If you’re interested in making your own reverse proxy for Glitch I recommend you look into Caddy’s reverse proxy directive. Caddy will automatically try to fetch an SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt and update your certificate when needed.


ayy, i forgot glitch didn’t offer automatic certs for for custom domains.
i’ma use cloudflare, havent logged in there in years, thanks.

i dont wanna use a reverse proxy for this project, but have done so before with https://blubbll.me for example which is hosted on glitch(~blubblll-me) but proxiefied too.

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Actually when using custom domains with Glitch you are using Fly.io’s reverse proxy.

oh. yeah well, i meant i didn’t want to setup a custom forwarder this time