Having problems with discord music bot with await and async

Hey there

I am having problems with my discord music bot, its getting really weird. I have one old discord bot that is able to play music but the command handling isn’t that good. So I made a new bot with better command handling but now something really weird is happening. I am using the exact same code but I am getting errors in await and async functions. I really need some help this thing is driving me crazy.

OLD Discord bot (The one that does play music, all commands are in server.js)

NEW Discord bot (The one I am having problems with, play command is in folder commands)


I suggest regenerating your token, and using .env instead for your token as anyone that has clicked into your project above can now access your bot as the token was in a public file.

The problem is likely in commands/playm.js, async is defined differently to Node’s normal async, whereas await is the default node keyword.

Could try comment out the line that has async = require …

I tried this but it isn’t working

Could you please invite me to your project in a private message (Click on my user image => click message) and I will be happy to help you with it! I will also try help you with your error at the same time!

Ok so I fixed the original problem you were having, and the issue with using process.env, that you mentioned!

The original issue I fixed by adding this:

(async () => {
// The rest of the commands code here
const ytdl = require("ytdl-core");
const Discord = require("discord.js");
var async = require('asyncawait/async');
var servers = {};

module.exports = {
  name: 'play',
  description: 'Plays a song',
   execute(message, args) {
(async () => {
    if (!message.member.voiceChannel) return message.channel.send('❌ Please join a voice channel.');
      if (message.guild.me.voiceChannel) return message.channel.send('❌ Error, the bot is already connected to another music channel or a song is playing.');
      if (!args[0]) return message.channel.send('❌ Error, please enter a **URL** following the command.');
      let validate = await ytdl.validateURL(args[0]);
      if (!validate) return message.channel.send('❌ Error, please input a __valid__ url following the command.');
      let info = await ytdl.getInfo(args[0]);
      let connection = await message.member.voiceChannel.join();
      let dispatcher = await connection.playStream(ytdl(args[0], {
          filter: 'audio',
          quality: 'highestaudio',
          volume: '0.5'
      let playembed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
      .setTitle("🎶 Now playing:")

That is the command after I added that piece of code.

The env issue you were having was happening because you were doing:

let { token } require('/process.env');

I changed that to:

let token = process.env.TOKEN;

And that solved that issue!

If you have any more problems, feel free to ask!

Happy glitching! :slight_smile:

Better code style:

module.exports = {
  execute: async (message, args) => {