Having trouble with React app on Glitch

Hi all,

I’m building a client portal app on React with Airtable (Glitch :・゚✧). I’m running into a problem -

I’m using Cotter, Syncinc.so and Airtable along with NPX/react. When I tried creating a react app from Glitch’s starter project, I ran into an error that was then fixed by creating a react app locally, uploading it to git and sending it into Glitch. However, it’s not working on Glitch (as in, the site isn’t live).

" failed to start application on awake-happy-guavaberry.glitch.me

This is most likely because your project has a code error.
Check your project logs, fix the error and try again."

The site is capable of running on Vercel, so I think it’s a problem with Glitch itself.


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Hi Gizmotron,

What do your Logs in Glitch say?

I tried taking a look at your project https://glitch.com/~awake-happy-guavaberry but I guess it’s either private or deleted?