Haxe or Game Engine

Is it possible to make a game engine on glitch or at least is it possible to code in Hx(Haxe) because i been wanting to make a game engine or game for a minute with real coding and seeing that glitch is very helpful for plenty of things i was just wondering

Haxe is an import from Java, seen in the game’s Github page.

You’ll notice that if you opened up a .hx file, it will be written in Java. As far as I know (I am a new member, so I could be wrong, or it could be worked on currently), Glitch does not support Java.

UPDATE 2: Looking around Github, I found this project that, if worked with HTML a little, and maybe some extra Javascript finagling, it is possible to run FNF.

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Indeed, it is possible to run Friday Night Funkin’ using Glitch. You don’t need to mess around with Haxe or anything like that unless you want to create a standalone app for that, but most people don’t care enough to download it and would probably prefer it on a website.

It might even be possible to mod this version of the game like in standalone versions, and get people able to play the version. Currently, I’m running into an issue with Newgrounds, getting a 405, not letting me play, BUT, this is an issue that could be solved.

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the 404 error is cuz ppl spam reloaded the site so its currently down

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