(Heartbeat) requests from ''?

I started logging the IP addresses that requests come from, and noticed many unexpected requests from I’m guessing this is a heart-beat check? Here’s some additional info I gleaned from the request object:

headers: { host: ':25536', 'user-agent': 'Go-http-client/1.1' }

It would be nice to be able to detect these requests so we can send a simple response instead of a rendering a complex page for no reason. For example, my root page handler makes AJAX requests to geocode the IP address.

Hi Leftium,

We’re thinking about ways to have a less intensive heartbeat check, but in the meantime you can add this route to your express app:

app.head("/", function(request, response) {

This will quickly satisfy the check without rendering or doing a lot of work.

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Great! That seems to work well. I was doing something similar already, but it depended on knowing the IP address of the heartbeat monitoring server. With this method it doesn’t matter where the heartbeat requests come from.