Hello 11ty Ghost starter kit

So, I’ve decided to make a ghost 11ty starter so you don’t have to write blogs with markdown files.

Basically, It take posts from GhostCMS and turns them into pages that 11ty can sort. It’s really simple! It’s currently taking posts from demo.ghost.io.

The CSS used was water.css

Here is the tutorial that I made that explains it (published with GhostCMS): https://notebook.aboutdavid.me/entries/how-to-make-a-blog-with-11ty-and-ghostcms/

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Water.css looks quite good! It looks like a markdown converted document.

And it’s open source, right?

Yeah. It is.

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Another rad 11ty starter! Can you make it public so I can add to my collection :slight_smile:

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A lot of times when I think I made things public, I actually don’t.

I made it unprivate now


It’ll be really cool if you could put together all these cool starters into an article on Hashnode, like an intro to the JAMstack, why it’s better than plain html5, and stuff. great work!

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Technically, that is JAMstack as it is JavaScript, API & Markup

Markup I guess are html/css?

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