Hello-discord option

I think that an option where you click new project (and it shows hello-express/html/sqlite ) there should be a hello-discord option where it is a basic node.js bot template.

I don’t think they would add that to the menu because most projects are based around Express, not Discord.js

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I know, but it would be useful to have it when you click new project

https://glitch.com/@glitch already has a bunch of templates (Like the Discord one). Those are really supposed to be simple to get you started.

theres a billion templates already…

The goal of this suggestions is to get a “hello-discord” option added to this page.


And eventually add more hand-picked templates to that list.

I agree there’s a billion templates out there, but finding a working, regularly maintained, and maintaing standards similar to ~hello-webpage, ~hello-express and ~hello-sqlite (such as proper READMEs and clean code for a template) is hard to find.


I would be up for this, just not sure how much glitch focuses on Discord bots.


I think about this sometimes, but it would be confusing, as some of them may be set up to ping and/or have instructions on how to ping, and would confuse people.

Hi, you might be intrested a this thread I posted a while ago

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