Hello HTTPD - The unofficial new and improved lamp-poc

As I know a fair ammount of people (including myself) enjoy using PHP on Glitch, I created hello-httpd. Aimed to be like hello-express and hello-sqlite, it is the lamp-poc apache server on Glitch with a few fixes including:

  • Prevent Apache logs from being viewed on the internet
  • Add more descriptive README.md
  • Add a sample .htaccess file
  • Add a better index.php that replicates hello-sqlite
  • Use MySQL

Enjoy! It would be my dream if Glitch added this to the default starter projects!


This is really cool! I finally have ab exvyse to learn php! One thing is that on form submit the page reloads, unlike hello-sqlite. It would be nice if that changed


I’m thinking about adding jQuery to reduce reloads, I just wanted to make the most simple and bare bones project as possible.

Added ‘unofficial’ to the title :slight_smile:


Whatever you can do with jQuery, you can do with modern DOM methods.


Seriously speaking, I’m gonna try PHP for once and see if it’s worth it. #ChallengeAccepted


Im going to tell you once, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea.

Ok this is coming from the guy who codes in HTML lol

No I do node.js and regular work.

I’ve worked with databases before, and such

This is also a great way to learn, but to be honest there’s too much stuff to actually build off of that you can’t.

also challenge accepted @riversiderocks


I have tried and I have failed. SQL Queries are too confusing compared to MongoDB :joy:

DROP DATABASE eddiestech


I never work with dbs directly, try something like https://sequelize.org/

I don’t think this is for building. This is mostly for learning since it is way too advanced already to be a starter

Have you seen hello-Express? Its longer than this.

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No, it’s just too advanced for you. It’s the exact same thing as hello-sqlite (but in PHP), but you keep hating on PHP so much (shoot, you hate on everything) that if you stopped and learned just a little bit of PHP, you would see how it works.


I know a bit of PHP. (as I’m trying to learn it) And I’m bringing no hate. And it’s pretty noice that you made this @RiversideRocks while being under hello-express. It’s just with the amount of files, I looked at index.php a bit and saw that there were a bit of lines, so I guessed that it was too advanced. My bad, @aboutDavid.

I actually am building off of @riversiderocks app to make package-php and instead of glitch.json it uses package.json to work more

it’s gonna work the same regardless, and adding a package.json will make it even slower as Glitch will try to install modules from npm!

Also, what does “work more” mean?

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