Hello i cant use my custom domain

http://guardianweb.xyz/ is my custom domain but i cant use my custom domain and it says guardianweb.xyz is already registered for glitch right now

Hi @eggsy0

I’m sorry we didn’t respond sooner! I moved your post to the Glitch Help category to make sure we get to your questions!

First, I see that this custom domain is associated with your Glitch project: guardian-bot-web. Is this the correct project you want to link your custom domain to?

  • If the answer is “yes”, you can go to the next step below.

  • If you want the custom domain, http://guardianweb.xyz/ associated with another one of your Glitch projects. Let us know so we can remove it from guardian-bot-web.

The next step is to make update the DNS for your custom domain [here](https://www.digwebinterface.com/?hostnames=jy83pz6ngedx6l42.shw.io glitch.edgeapp.net&type=A&colorize=on&ns=resolver&useresolver= ).

If you need additional help, let us know!