Hello i cant use my custom domain

hello my project is “https://guardian-bot-web.glitch.me/” and i cant use my custom domain “guardianweb.xyz” and i refreshed my browser and i tried again it says this “guardianweb.xyz is already registered for glitch” i need help for use my custom domain please

Looks like your custom domain is working, but only on a subdomain. Just checked up on all your links on your website and some go to https://web.guardianweb.xyz/ instead of just guardianweb.xyz. That seems to be your problem. If you could remove thedomain from your Glitch project you could re-add it correctly without the subdomain. If you can’t find how to do this, make a new topic and someone from the Glitch team will come to help, like seen here: Domain Name Removal
I hope this helps you solve the problem! If so, feel free to give this post a like!


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thanks for late answer i did before than u but thanks