Hello i need help with making a discord cleverbot


Hi, i need someone to make me a discord cleverbot - or help me with one!


I can help you …


yes, @JaZz thanks, can we move this to dms, and @advaith i dont really get the tutorial good, and im talking about a discord bot :i


@Eperou, If you would also like to invite me, I can show you more on the link advaith provided, and how that can be used for a discord bot.


let me invite you lol


Uhh sorry- how to invite by name?


When you click copy on that link, you can send it to me in a private message by clicking on my name, and clicking “Message”


oh right i forgot there are private messages :man_facepalming:

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Sure #0682 or join https://discord.gg/CW2Kbnq


Ops they thought my name is explicit so they deleted it


ok - i already got help but i appreciate that you wanted to help me! thanks, callumokan already helped me