Hello, i would like to try to make a JRPG turn based, text game with ChatGPT

I have a lot prepared through ChatGPT, and I need a platform to paste the code in HTML, CSS and Java.

Total noob, its really for fun, I was wondering if you have any tips?

Hi! To create a website with glitch, simply select “New” in the top right corner or go to https://glitch.new/blank (this will create a new project instantly, SUPER USEFUL).
I don’t think glitch supports java tho.

Perhaps you’re talking about javasrcript. A static site is great for this.

Hello friends, so I will try to use a HTML page? Maybe I can avoid using java?

I assume you have got your java backend interacting with chatgpt and want to host it through glitch. Non-nodejs apps are not officially supported but you can run any language glitch has preinstalled which includes java, see [Glitch :・゚✧](hello-nomicon for an example of starting a shell script with the glitch.json file. You can then modify the config file to launch your java app. Preferabely also configure you java app to pull the PORT environment variable and listen on that port but after that glitch will autodetect and expose your app.

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Hey all, I changed the idea because I thought this was too ambitious for someone who never tried. I am instead making a dxball game, and it started off quite well. Thank you for the help

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