Hello my bot is going offline

hello, my bot is sometimes online in discord, but its commands do not work. When I enter the edit page of the project, the command works when I run the commands. I don’t really understand the reason for this and in addition, my project’s CPU usage rises suddenly and then drops, I don’t really understand these problems please help

From what I can tell, the bots go offline unless you go to the webpage, because that wakes up the project.

The video show using uptime robot but I don’t think that’s a thing anymore, I think you have to buy a subscription

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Can’t I fix this without any payment?

There could be possibly something running that’s taking up your projects memory.

sounds odd, do you have another project using the same token perhaps?

No, I regenerate the token and use it like that.

I can’t understand what takes up so much memory, there isn’t that much in my project. I also deleted unnecessary packages, still the problem persists.

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Glitch doesn’t support 24/7 hosting anymore unless you pay :frowning: Bot sleeps every 5 minutes.
Unless you convince your users to go to the bot’s website everytime they use it

im positive you could find a way to utilize this to keep your bot online 24/7

Not performance issue only… Your app hour too, You know.

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