Hello my bot wont work

Haii so here I am again, the bot is online and such I’ve seen the mistake and I havent pulled out node modules and stuff but now. Im having a bigger problemimage

do you have discord.js installed

if you’re using Discord.js V12 you need to do

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downgrade your discord.js using package.json or insert cache between guilds and array, bot.guilds.cache.array()

image But when I press the mistake thingy it sends me to this code and honestly I have no idea whats wrong-

Replace the line “const servers = bot.guilds.array();” to “const servers = bot.guilds.cache.array();”

image I did it but now its not even turning on anymore :frowning:

Wait can we do this thru discord please? It’s easier lmao


Staying on the forum lets other people possibly get help from this. :slight_smile:

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Ohh yeah true true
Aaaand my main bot has trouble too. But this is just weird…

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